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21W.035: Elements of Science Writing for the Public: Section 2: Activity

Class activity

Find a book, journal article, and internet source based on your group's question.  For the book and journal article, you can Search Our Collections or use the databases on this guide.  Enter your results on this Google Doc.

Group 1: A longstanding challenge for renewable resources is that people still need energy when the sun isn’t out, and the wind doesn’t blow.  Find information about technologies that can generate hydrogen from renewable energy streams. 

Group 2: For people who lose electricity due to a snowstorm, they may be interested in a home-based fuel cell technology that would provide heat and power independent of the grid.  What are the technological problems that need to be solved for home-based fuel cells to become a practical solution?

Group 3: Materials take on strange properties when they are cooled to near absolute zero.  Why does this happen?  How do different compounds and elements respond to super cold temperatures?

Group 4: C. elegans is a model organism that has been the foundation for research that has yielded Nobel prizes.  What is C. elegans?  When and why did it become a model organism?

Group 5: Graphene is a carbon structure.  Why would researchers be interested in graphene?  What are some possible applications of graphene?

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