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Curation and Preservation Services: Call Number Labels

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Call Number Labels

Preservation and Conservation Services creates call number labels for new books using a thermal printer. Call number labeling is part of the shelf preparation workflow.


Requesting labels

Library staff can request call number labels through email. Just email a list of the call numbers you need to preservation-team at, and we will print the labels here and send them to you. It is helpful if the label text is formatted as it should appear on the label, i.e. with the elements of the call number on separate lines.


Using Aleph to create a list of call numbers

A quick way to create a list of call numbers for a group of items is to use the "Print Item Labels" window in the Aleph Cataloging module.

  • First, make sure the Print configuration is set to Preview by right-clicking on the small printer icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • From the Items menu, select Print Item Labels.
  • A dialog box will appear. Scan item barcodes into the box labeled Enter Item Barcode. You can scan up to ~100 barcodes at a time.
  • When you are finished, select the Print button. You will see a preview window with a list of call numbers for your items.
  • Copy this list, paste it into an email, and send the email to preservation-team at We will print the labels and send them to you.