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Curation and Preservation Services: Digital Project Support

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Digital Project Support

Many digitization projects are coordinated through the Libraries' Digital Operations Team (DOT), and Curation & Preservation Services provides the services listed below as part of a broader suite of servcies offered through DOT.

You can bring a new digitization project or project idea to DOT for discussion and advice by submitting the Nomination Form linked on the MIT DOT wiki.

Assessment of items

When you are planning a digital project, contact Curation and Preservation Services for an assessment of the physical condition of your items.  We will determine whether your items require conservation treatment before scanning and whether they need special enclosures or storage afterward.  We can also help you address the needs of especially fragile or valuable objects during the digitization process.

Please contact during the planning stages of your project to have your materials assessed.

Preparation for Scanning

Curation and Preservation Services staff can prepare items for scanning (for example, cleaning, mending, or disbinding) so that you will get the best possible image without causing any harm to the object. 

Please contact during the planning stages of your project so that we can assess your items and schedule them into our scan prep workflow.


Post-Project Processing

Once a digital surrogate is created, the physical item may not be used as often and in some cases will be sent to storage.  Curation and Preservation Services will process your project materials for shelving or storage.  This may include creating custom enclosures, boxing, enveloping, wrapping, etc.

Please contact during the planning stages of your project so that we can purchase the appropriate supplies and schedule your materials into our workflow.



Curation and Preservation Services can advise you on the selection of a vendor for your digitization project.  We can also assist with the creation of a Statement of Work that outlines exactly what your project requires from the vendor, including standards for file formats and preservation master copies.