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Committee on the Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion: Committee Charge & Members


The Libraries’ Committee on the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion (CPDI), which is appointed by and reports to the Director of the MIT Libraries, is composed of library employees committed to promoting an understanding and valuing of diversity and inclusion within the MIT Libraries. Its purpose is to create and maintain a welcoming and respectful environment for all library employees and patrons. The CPDI has an ongoing, active role in performing climate assessment, increasing awareness and sensitivity among staff, and recommending policies and practices that embed diversity and inclusion into all relevant staff programs and library services and activities.  The CPDI will work to establish, prioritize, and fulfill goals that increase the diversity and inclusiveness of our workforce and service environment.


Appointed by the Director of the MIT Libraries, the Libraries' Committee for the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion is composed of library employees committed to the goals of diversity and inclusion. It consists of at least five members at-large and may be chaired by a single chair or by two co-chairs. Members at-large are full- or part-time Library employees from both administrative and support staffs, serve two-year staggered terms, and may be appointed to one successive term.

Current Committee Membership

Eugenia Beh, co-chair (term ends 6/2018)
Electronic Resources Librarian | 14E-210 | 617.253.0605


Frances Botsford (term ends 6/2018)
Web Product Manager & User Experience Specialist| 10-500 | 617.253.4088


Nina Davis-Millis (ex officio member)
Director of Community Support & Staff Development | 14S-320 | 617.253.5652


Judith Gallagher (term ends 6/2018)
Financial and Payroll Associate | 14-0551 | 617.253.4307


Alli Gofman, co-chair (term ends 6/2017)
Access Services Assistant | 7-238 | 617.258.6681


Grace Kindeke (term ends 6/2018)
Administrative Assistant | 14S-216 | 617.324.4983


Greta Kuriger Suiter (term ends 6/2017)
Collections Archivist | 14N-118 | 617.258.5533


Julia Lanigan (term ends 6/2018)
Collections and Administrative Assistant | 14S-226 | 617.253.9318


Molly McInerney, co-chair (term ends 6/2017)
DOT Liaison and Course Support Librarian | 10-500 | 617.253.1837


Greg Padilla (term ends 6/2017)
Access Services Associate, Hayden Library | 14S-134 | 617.253.9351


Dan Pribble (term ends 6/2018)
Access Services Associate | 10-500 | 617.253.9355


Michael Toler (term ends 6/2018)
Archnet Content Manager | 7-238 | 617.253.2955