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Committee for the Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion: Committee Charge & Members


The Committee for the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion's mission is to develop, coordinate and support events, programs, resources, and communications that create an inclusive and equitable environment in which MIT Libraries staff are valued and empowered to effect positive change by actively pursuing a social justice agenda within the Libraries and the communities we serve.

CPDI is committed to embedding diversity, inclusion and social justice throughout the organization’s practices, policies, services, and culture by partnering with staff, students and faculty to advocate for broader adoption and implementation of these goals.


To that end, we commit to the following:

  • Raise awareness of and address issues of power and privilege on a structural as well as at a representational level within and across the organization, our collections and services.

  • Engage with and support marginalized communities as they challenge systemic oppression.

  • Highlight and uplift the voices and visibility of marginalized communities in our events, programs, resources and communication.

  • Hold the Libraries accountable to our stated values.

  • Categorically reject the concept of library neutrality.‚Äč


CPDI will also act in an advisory and support role for the Libraries leadership as well as groups and individuals within the MIT community and beyond that are involved in or wish to engage in DISJ work.



Appointed by the Director of the MIT Libraries, the Libraries' Committee for the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion is composed of library employees committed to the goals of Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice. It consists of at least five members at-large and may be chaired by up to three co-chairs. Members at-large are full- or part-time Library employees from both administrative and support staffs, serve two-year staggered terms, and may be appointed to one successive term.

More information about the committee can also be found on our wiki

Current Committee Membership


Alex McGee
Women@MIT Project Archivist | 14N-118 | 617.253.5705


Chris Tanguay
Archives Collections Associate | 14N-118 | 617.715.4466


Dan Pribble, co-chair 
Access Services Associate | 10-500 | 617.253.9355


Eric Hanson 
Metadata Operations Engineer | NE36-6th floor | 617.253.0757


Hannah Winkler
Access Services Assistant | 10-423 | 617.253.9325


Heather Yager, ex-officio 
Associate Director for Digital Library Services | NE36-6th floor | 617.253.3839


Grace Kindeke, co-chair 
Administrative Assistant II | NE36-6th floor | 617.324.4983


Greta Kuriger Suiter 
Collections Archivist | 14N-118 | 617.258.5533


Monica D Ruiz
Access Services Associate & Reserves Coordinator | 10-500 | 617.258.9138


Sam Fishkind
Human Resources Assistant | NE36-7th floor | 617.258.5594


Shannon Hunt
Executive Assistant | NE36-6th floor | 617.324.4988


Stephanie Hartman 
User Experience Specialist and Content Strategist | NE36-6th floor | 617.253.9361


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