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Office of the Director: Managing for Learning and Inclusion


Managing for Learning and Inclusion describes the investment the Libraries have made in managers' skills, organizational culture and change, and in equity, diversity, and inclusion. Explore the menu for options.


Emails sent to staff

Here you will find weekly email updates sent to staff from the Design Team.

MLI Design Team


Library Staff

Shannon Hunt

Lisa Horowitz

Grace Kindeke

Kim Maxwell

Molly McInerney

Rachael Weisz

Chris Bourg

Tracy Gabridge


DJA Staff

DeEtta Jones, DJA Founder and Principal
Emily Goff, Ph.D., DJA Senior Consultant


Email the MLI Design Team



Links to references offered in each course.

LMSI Tools

Notebooks and materials from the LMSI I and II sessions.

Articles, Podcasts, Items of Interest

Materials to supplement course learnings.