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Office of the Director: Presentations, FY 1999

May 1999, I Never Metadata I Didn't Like

"I Never Metadata I Didn't Like: Improving Access to Your Web Pages and Databases Using Metadata"
May 26, 1999
  • "I Never Metadata I Didn't Like" - Joan Kolias, Wayne Jones, Katy Poole, Nicole Hennig
  • Introduction: Metadata, Databases and Web Pages - Joan Kolias
  • The Dublin Core Record - Wayne Jones
  • The Visual Core Record - Katy Poole
  • Simple Metadata Generator Form for the Web - Nicole Hennig

On May 26, 1999, a brownbag lunch session on the topic of metadata was held for the MIT Libraries staff. This is a full list of the Related Links from each presentation, suitable for printing (though not framing).


ADAM Quick Guide to Metadata

Metadata: Cataloging by Any Other Name ... - Jessica Milstead & Susan Feldman

Meta Data Coalition

Metadata Elements

CIMI (Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information)

EAD (Encoded Archival Description)

IMS (Instructional Management Systems) Meta-data Specification

MARC - international set of elements used for describing materials acquired in libraries

NISO Standards: Content Metadata Standards - Margaret St. Pierre & William P. LaPlant, Jr.

Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) - for exchange of scholarly texts in the humanities

The Dublin Core Record

CORC: Cooperative Online Resource Catalog - OCLC

The State of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, April 1999 - Stuart Weibel

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

Resource Description Framework: RDF - W3C

The Visual Core Record

Visual Resources Assoc. (VRA): Data Standards

Visual Resources Assoc. (VRA): Core Categories 2.0

VISION Project: Visual Resources Sharing Information Online Network

RLG: Vision Project: Shared Records for Visual Resources

RLG: REACH Project

RLG: REACH Project Element Set for Shared Description of Museum Objects

Simple Metadata Generator Form for the Web

Dublin Core Metadata Template - Nordic Metadata Project

Ultraseek's Help on Meta-Tags

MIT IAP Course on Ultraseek - using "custom" meta-tags