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Office of the Director: Presentations, FY 2020

Fall All Staff - November 12, 2019


Theme: Workplace climate


  • Share Academic Climate Survey data and context
  • Create greater awareness of organization climate activities as well as what groups are working in this area 
  • Set the stage for further action

First half hour - gathering and refreshments

Starting promptly at 3:30pm:

  1. Logistics – Kelly  Hopkins - 5 min    
  2. Introduction and land acknowledgement – Chris Bourg and Hannah Winkler – 5 min
  3. Thoughts about organizational climate at the Libraries – Chris Bourg – 10 min
  4. Academic Climate Survey results for the Libraries – Tracy Gabridge – 10 min
  5. Efforts and action around the libraries – Tracy Gabridge introduce – 40 min total

Each group presents for 5-7 minutes, covering at least these points:

  • Their group’s purpose/role in the organization
  • The group’s focus in FY20
  • The group’s completed work since June 2018


  • Committee on the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion (CPDI) - Grace Kindeke and Dan Pribble
  • Priority G - Barbara Williams and Renee Hellenbrecht
  • Staff Advisory Council (SAC) - Ashley Clark and Jeremiah Graves
  • Human Resources - Rachael Weisz
  • Associate Director’s Team - Heather Yager and/or Tracy Gabridge
  1.   Q&A – 20 min

A recording of the All Staff Meeting is available in one drive under "RemoteFiles" > "All-Staff Meetings" > "FY2020"