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Visiting Committee Presentations

The Libraries Visiting Committee meetings took place on March 4th and 5th, 2019.  These are the presentations that were given during those sessions.


Visiting Committee 2019 Agenda


1. Transforming Scholarly Communication

  1. COMING SOON: Transforming Scholarly Communication - Chris Bourg
  2. The MIT Press: Partnering Towards the Future - Amy Brand

2.Organizational Transformation: Building Capacity, Developing Culture - Tracy Gabridge & Greg Eow

  1. Note: This talk was also presented at the Spring 2019 All-Staff meeting. A recording is available in the R-drive in a folder titled: "All Staff Meetings"

3. Building Community in Library Spaces - Tracy Gabridge & Greg Eow


4. Libraries Tech Strategy Update - Heather Yager & Christine Quirion