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Committee for the Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion: Allies and Accomplices

What can I do?

We often learn about diversity issues (institutionalized racism, systems of inequity, etc.) and then say, "I want to help, but what can I do?!" This page offers some suggestions and encourages us to think about our spheres of influence - what we can control, what we can influence, and what is outside of our control. We all have areas of privilege in our life and once we start understanding that we can be better allies and accomplices for others. 

This page has resources related to allyship especially for the workplace, but also in our personal lives. Topics covered include understanding privilege, facilitation skills, understanding and identifying bias and micro-inequities, team building, and how to be an active bystander.

Understanding Privilege and How to be an Ally

Discussion and facilitation norms

Facilitation skills

Spheres of influence

Understanding bias

Toolbox for team empowerment

Active bystander and micro-inequities