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Marketing Team: Hayden posters

Large posters

In response to the large number of posters at each library entrance and the difficulty of disposing of foam core, we are switching to new poster stands. This means that when you order a poster, it will come on regular paper and can be recycled through normal channels.


  • You will order marketing materials as you typically would through the request form
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email and calendar invite for the start and end of your reservation (standard is one week; longer reservations can be requested on the form)
  • The new stands have four display frames (two on each side; Barker has two stands with two frames each). You will be assigned to a particular frame (labeled A,B,C, or D), which applies to each library location's stand.

Posting and Removal:

  • As before, it will be your responsibility to hang and take down the poster. If you leave a poster in the display beyond your reservation, the next person may recycle it.
  • Each frame will have a long-term poster that stays behind your poster, so it is never empty. Please do not remove these.

Please feel free to share any feedback with Brigham or Beth