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22.09/22.90: Principles of Nuclear Radiation Measurement & Protection: Example Citations

IEEE style manual

APS Style Guide

Tips for Citations

APS examples

Book:   J. M. Smith, Molecular Dynamics (Academic, New York, 1980), Vol. 2, p. 20.

Journal articles:  M. Anselmino, A. Efremov and E. Leader, The theory and phenomenology of polarized deep inelastic scattering, Phys. Rept. 261 (1995) 1 [Erratum ibid 281 (1997) 399] [hep-ph/9501369].  OR

S.K. Lamoreaux, "The Casimir force:  Background, Experiments, and Applications," Rep.Prog. Phys. 68 (pages 201-236) (2005).

Paper in proceedings:   J. M. Smith, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Madison, 1958, edited by C. Brown (University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1958), p. 201

Paper on  ArXiv:  If the article is only on the arXiv, using  arXiv:quant-ph/xxxxxxx or arXiv:xxxx.xxxx is sufficient.  If the article is published, but also on the arXiv, put  [arXiv:quant-ph/xxxxxxx] or [arXiv:xxxx.xxxx] at the end of the journal citation.

Thesis:  J. M. Smith, Ph.D. thesis, Brown University, 1980.

Other tips:

  • The usual physics package called "revtex" by default will follow the Physical Review style guide. To include the titles of journal articles, the line /bibliographystyle{abbrv}   will work.
  • If you use BibTeX, the APS style is the default.
  • DOIs are not necessary, but fine if included.  Same for ISBN.  

IEEE examples

Book:  [1] B. Klaus and P. Horn, Robot Vision, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1986.

Journal articles: [2] F. Aronowitz, "Theory of traveling-wave optical maser," Phys. Rev., vol 134, pp. A635-A646, Dec. 8, 1965.

Paper in proceedings:   [3] S.P. Bingulac, "On the compatibility of adaptive controllers," in Proc. 4th Ann. Allerton Conf. Circuit and Systems Theory, New York, 1994, pp 8-16.

Report: [4] R.E. Haskell and C.T. Chase, "Transient signal propagation in lossless isotropic plasmas," USAF Cambridge Res. Labs, Cambridge, MA, Rep. AFCRL-66-234 (II), 1994, vol 2.

Thesis:  [5] J. O. Williams, "Narrow-band analyzer," Ph.D. dissertation, Dept. Elec. Eng., Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA, 1993.


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