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Brand Guide: Downloads & Templates

Resources and guidelines for expressing the MIT Libraries' brand


Library-specific logos should only be used for instances when specific libraries need to be identified. When speaking about MIT Libraries as a whole or more than one library, use the MIT Libraries logo.

Not sure which file to use? See our FAQs.

Need the password for Dropbox? Contact Brigham.


Please install the brand typefaces before using the templates.

Email Signature
The following is a suggested format for email signatures. Arial or Helvetica is the recommended font. 

​Firstname Lastname

MIT Libraries
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building XX-XXX
Cambridge, MA 02139

[optional additional information such as pronouns or office hours can follow]

Logos in signatures: Including a logo image in your signature is not necessarily recommended, because the image file may come through as an attachment, be blocked, or not display properly. However, if your preference is to include a logo, these files may be used.  

Need the password for Dropbox? Contact Brigham.


Business cards, letterhead, and envelopes with our new branding are available to purchase from Ambit Press through the B2P@MIT system.
From, select Ambit from the logos on the right under “Shop Online,” then select “Department Catalogs” and scroll down to find the Libraries.
Business cards are available with your choice of five designs for the back side, and letterhead is available in generic and department-specific versions.