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Ivy Plus at MIT: Home

Ivy Plus is a consortial group that is made up of Brown University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Duke University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Stanford University, Yale University and its work is divided into 2 main areas of focus.  Both of these areas are overseen by the University Librarian’s Group, of which MIT's Director, Chris Bourg, is the current co-chair.

The MIT Ivy Plus Moria list is: This list is made up of staff who are involved in Ivy Plus groups, but is open for other staff to join if they are interested.  There is also a Google Drive folder for shared documents.

There is a list of roles and who occupies them by participating school here.

Collaborative Collections Strategies

-licensing for shared print and digital collections and
-curated archiving of web content

Subgroups include:

Ivy Plus Libraries Preservation Group (no current MIT representation on this group)

Ivy Plus Collections Group (Greg Eow, Kimberly Maxwell, the Print Curation Group [headed by Michelle Baildon and reporting to Ellen Finnie])

Ivy Plus Libraries Technical Services Group (Beverly Turner)

Current known projects:

-Shared E Books

-Shared Print Repository (collective collections analysis and HathiTrust Shared print project (phase 1)

-Collaborative Collections System/Tool

Ivy Plus leader: Galadriel Chilton

Galadriel's post-site visit report to MIT:

Borrow Direct

-unmediated library resource sharing partnership between the IP schools since 1999

Subgroups (includes some overlap): link to definitions of groups for IPL

Ivy Plus Resource Sharing Group (Felicity Walsh and Pat Page)

Ivy Plus Collections Group (Greg Eow, Kimberly Maxwell, the Print Curation Group [headed by Michelle Baildon and reporting to Ellen Finnie])

Ivy Plus Libraries Operations Group (Allyson Harper-Nixon, Pat Page)

Ivy Plus Libraries  BD Systems Group (Mohamed El Ouirdi, Rich Wenger)

Current known projects:

- “Request Query” API Documentation OCLC Relais has developed an API/web service called “Request Query” that “… can be used to retrieve multiple requests submitted by patrons or other library as well as details of a request or to retrieve the details of a single request.”

-BorrowDirect Shared Index Project -   see the Blog Post on this topic for a full overview and our membership 3/6/19 Project suspended per University Librarians Group

-Resource Sharing Assessment Tool -

-Sharing Special Collections Materials Via Resource Sharing Pilot Project 

-BorrowDirect Plus: On-Site Borrowing for members at other member schools (started in 2014 and obviates the need to send letters and set up individual permissions between schools)

-Reciprocal Interlibrary Loan – the eponymous BorrowDirect service which uses Relais

Ivy Plus leader: Heidi Nance

Web Dashboard (new):

Wiki site (old):