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What's a computational tool or API?

Many scholarly publishers, databases, and products offer tools to allow users to programmatically access, analyze, text and data mine, and extract metadata, data, and fulltexts to serve a variety of research purposes.

Below is a list of commonly used freely available and licensed scholarly resources for MIT that make their APIs available for use, provide other programmatic access and computational tools to use their resources, or provide corpora available for text and data mining. An API, short for Application Programming interface, is a tool used to share content and data between software applications.  Text and data mining of fulltext corpora is frequently a fair use under US copyright law, but for many subscribed library resources it is restricted by license agreement. The following list includes licensed corpora available for TDM by the MIT community, as well as selected free corpora that may be of interest. 

If you have programming skills and would like to use these tools or resources in your research, use the information below to get an overview as well as how to access them.  For issues with the freely available resource, contact the provider directly. 

If you have any questions or know of an computational tool or resource you would like to see included in this list, please contact: