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Dewey Data

Dewey Data is a platform which makes third party datasets available to academic researchers. Users must create an account using your MIT email to access Dewey Data. Click on the Get started button and then the Sign-up option to create your account.  Dewey Data will upgrade your account for full access. 

The datasets cover the following subject areas:

  • Urban planning and real estate
  • Behavioral economics and public policy
  • Marketing and management 
  • Corporate finance

The dataset vendors accessible through Dewey Data include:

  • SafeGraph- POI and aggregated transaction patterns
  • Advan Research-Aggregated foot-traffic
  • Context Analytics-Twitter social sentiment
  • Similarweb-Website traffic and search keywords
  • BrightQuery-Private company data
  • Global Wireless Solutions-Mobile app engagement data
  • PDI Technologies (formerly Skupos)-U.S. point-of-sale data

A full listing of the dataset vendors can be found here.  Please read the terms and conditions below before using this database. 

Terms and Condition

Dewey Data has some specific terms and conditions which differ from most MIT Libraries databases:

  • Users must be must be a current faculty or staff member or a currently enrolled student to use the data
  • Users can use the data in collaboration with up to ten (10) non-MIT professors from up to three (3) different universities as long as they are part of an authorized research team with a MIT faculty member and agree to comply with these terms of use, or are covered by a Dewey Data license.
  • If MIT’s license to Dewey Data ends, users must delete any data downloaded from Dewey Data, unless you need it for a publication that was accepted for publication at the time that our subscription ended,  or if you are required by a funder or open science mandate to keep the data for retention purposes. (Dewey Data may ask for documented proof.)   
  • Users cannot compare/verify/evaluate Dewey’s data with other sources and publish those findings elsewhere.
  • Users cannot publish the data in raw form. Users may only publish a minimal amount of raw data as part of a summary of insights derived from the data. 

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