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LibX for MIT: About LibX

LibX installation issues

Ongoing issues with installing LibX, as of 4/10/19

  • Firefox: LibX is no longer available via Firefox. 
  • Chrome: On 4/10/19 the Chrome Store removed the LibX extension due to apparent violations of their program policies. The LibX developers are unable to provide a date by which it will be restored. 

We will provide updates as they are available.

In the meanwhile, to replicate LibX's ability to reload a page via MIT's Touchstone, try installing the bookmarklet mentioned at the bottom of Connect from on and off-campus.

Tell us why you use/like LibX!

LibX is supported as a free tool by a small volunteer team in the academic library community, which means support and ongoing development to meet the needs of modern browsers has been challenging. We would love to hear more about why you use LibX and what features you find valuable, to help us understand how we can best meet these needs with more robust support. 

Please email Darcy Duke, User Experience and Web Services Head, with your thoughts: Thank you!

Download LibX 2.0

Install MIT LibX:

Get LibX in the Chrome Store.

After installation:

Click on the LibX icon in the upper right of your browser and search for the MIT Edition.

See: Installation Help

Still having problems? Ask Us

What is LibX?

LibX is a browser add-on you can download Google Chrome. LibX will give you easier access to MIT resources from anywhere. LibX will help you to:

  1. Get access to journals easier and faster, especially from off-campus, by reloading pages through the MIT Libraries proxy. Watch a short video.
  2. Find out if you have access to citations in a bibliography quickly by using LibX's right-click menu.
  3. Turn the web into a library catalog & easily find out if books on Amazon, Wikipedia, and other popular websites are available to borrow from MIT Libraries. Watch a short video.
  4. Search the Barton catalog, BartonPlusVeraMIT's WorldCat, and Google Scholar – they’re only 1 click away from any web page.

Reload web pages through MIT proxy

Have you ever tried to view an article online, but you get stopped with an error because the web site doesn't acknowledge that you're from MIT?  LibX helps with that, whether you're on or off campus!  

Instead of having to do a search in Vera to find the article again, with LibX, right-click (or control-click on a Mac) to see the menu to "reload the page via MIT Libraries Proxy."  You may be asked to authenticate through Touchstone, and then, if the MIT Libraries subscribe to the resource, you'll be able to view it right away.

Before reloading through LibX: After:
JStor in LibX






3 ways to turn the web into a library catalog with LibX

Connect popular websites to MIT's Barton catalog

LibX places an MIT icon - MIT LibX icon - in web pages such as:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Google
  • Google Scholar (you must select MIT as your library in your Google Scholar Preferences)
  • New York Times Book Reviews
  • and more...
Example from Amazon:
LibX icon in Amazon


Wherever you see the MIT icon, click it to see if MIT owns the book or article.

Search Barton, BartonPlus, Vera, and Google Scholar

Click on the LibX icon at the top of your browser to search Barton catalog, BartonPlusVera, Google Scholar, and more.

screenshot of LibX search options

You can search by multiple terms in different fields (author, title, ISBN/ISSN, etc.) by clicking on the down arrow down-arrow to add additional search boxes. The fields that are displayed change according to which database you're searching.

Add right-click menu options for easier searching

LibX adds more options to your browser that you can see from the right-click menu (or control-click on a Mac).  Highlight text on a web page or PDF document and right-click to see something like this:

From this menu you can:

  • search the Barton catalog, SFX FullText Finder, and Google Scholar (try this with a citation you need!)
  • get better on and off campus access to MIT-only resources by reloading the page via our proxy server (requires MIT certificates).

Configure the right-click menu:

Change menu options by going to "Preferences" in LibX, then view the tab for "Context menu." Click the blue arrrows to view options for each search tool.

More information about LibX

LibX was developed by Annette Bailey and Godmar Back at the Virginia Tech University Libraries and Virginia Tech Department of Computer Science.  For more information, visit the LibX website.