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Audio/video captioning & YouTube hosting: How to request

Information and directions on how to request captioning and hosting on Libraries' YouTube channel

Creating accessible audio/video content: background

Key points

  • As of Sept 19th, 2020 any new audio/video that is produced by MIT and linked from our public websites must be captioned
  • Audio/video that will be used in Canvas or emailed directly to faculty/students is not required to be captioned.
  • If a patron requests captioning of a video/audio file in DSpace or on our website that was made before Sept. 2020, please contact
  • As of January 1, 2021 the Libraries will host all publically available audio/videos on our MIT Libraries YouTube channel.

About video creation

  • If a topic has broad appeal/relevance to the MIT community or beyond, the Communications team (Brigham, Ned, interns) generally manages the production. Staff are encouraged to propose topics that meet this criteria.
  • The responsibility for making videos for specific classes/departments or video tutorials about library tools generally lives with individual departments.

How to request captioning and uploading to YouTube

You may request captioning at no charge to your department by following the process below. The Communications team provides this service, with UXWS as backup.

  1. Create a video that will be linked from our public website and/or libguides.
  2. Send an email to with a request to caption your audio/video. (A minimum of one week’s turnaround time is required.)
    • In the email please provide:
      • Topic of the audio/video.
      • Target audience (e.g. a single class, a specific department, the entire MIT community, etc.)
      • Desired posting deadline
      • The audio/video file itself. To include this, either
        • Attach audio/video file to your email (if file is 40MB or less)
        • Include a link to the audio/video file (from Dropbox or Google).
  3. After we receive your email with all the needed information, we'll order the caption file from 3PlayMedia. 
  4. Once completed, we'll upload the video and captioning file to the MIT Libraries YouTube channel for hosting. We'll determine how it should be tagged in YouTube.
  5. We'll email you the YouTube URL which will allow you to embed/link to the video where needed.
  6. Done!

Additional support