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From the Book

"The tech industry has created what I call Techtopia, one of its most disruptive innovations yet. Techtopia is Silicon Valley's upgraded social 'operating system'- an engineered society where people find their highest fulfillment in the utopian workplace... It is the twenty-first century American Dream." (p. 196)


"If work is replacing religion, how do we know religion when we see it? The challenge in studying religion in a highly secular place like Silicon Valley is identifying the object of study--religion--when it is purportedly absent or in very short supply... Finding religion is a problem for scholars studying religion not only in Silicon Valley, but also in places such as the Cambridges, Berkeleys, and Portlands of the United States. To find 'religion' in Silicon Valley, I realized that I'd have to reexamine my assumptions about what is 'secular' and what is 'religious'." (p. 213)

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The Author

Carolyn Chen is an Associate Professor in Ethnic Studies at the University of CaliforniaHeadshot of author Carolyn Chen looking straight at the camera with her hair down and a dark sleeveless top Berkeley with a focus on the Asian American experience.  She was previously Associate Professor of Sociology and Asian American Studies at Northwestern University, where she served as Director of the Asian American Studies Program. Professor Chen’s research focuses on two areas: work and religion in contemporary America, and religion, race, and ethnicity, especially among Asian Americans. In addition to Work Pray Code, Chen is the author of Getting Saved in America: Taiwanese Immigration and Religious Experience (Princeton 2008) and co-editor of Sustaining Faith Traditions: Race, Ethnicity and Religion among the Latino and Asian-American Second Generation (NYU 2012). 

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