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ORCID: Get started with ORCID

What is ORCID

  • ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier (an ORCID iD) that you own and control, and that distinguishes you from every other researcher.
  • Your ORCID iD links to an ORCID record that you can populate with your career and research information.
  • ORCID, which stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, is a global, not-for-profit organization sustained by fees from member organizations, including MIT.

Why use ORCID

  • Eliminate name ambiguity: Distinguish yourself from people with identical names, connect different forms of your name, and create a record that persists even if you change your name.
  • Link your work to you: Correctly link you to your publications, grants, and other professional activities and research outputs. ORCID even has integrations to automatically add publications, datasets, peer review, and grants to your record from trusted sources.
  • Create a record you control: Your ORCID isn’t tied to your institution, so you use the same ORCID no matter where your career takes you and you are the one who gets to decide what information is visible (See ORCID's privacy policy.)
  • Streamline publication, grant application, and other processes: Use your ORCID login for grant application and journal submission systems, pull data from your ORCID record rather than entering it again, and connect your research activities across many systems in one place.

How to get an ORCID

  • Sign up for an ORCID or link your current one to your MIT account here!
  • Get support directly from ORCID if you forget your password or no longer have access to your account.
  • Remove a duplicate ORCID if you accidentally sign up more than once.

How to get help with ORCID

ORCID at MIT takes a coordinated approach:

  • IS&T: Supports ORCID registration and integration with MIT identifier systems 
  • Provost office: Responsible for ORCID integration with MIT's electronic professional record for faculty and researchers
  • Libraries: Support users in how to user ORCID's features to get the most out of the system

For more information about the past 2015 rollout see this article in the Faculty Newsletter.

Connect your ORCID to MIT

Sign up for an ORCID or link your current one to your MIT account here!

Have questions about your ORCID?

Email for help.