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Citing AI tools: Saving AI content for replication and citations

Recording or archiving AI-generated content

Authors citing AI tools in their work should consider creating archived copies of the AI output.

  • Creating persistent URLs that link to archived copies of AI-generated content enables easy sharing in references of published works.
  • AI-generated content can be saved or archived as a document, image, or webpage.

Even with an archived copy, keep in mind the content may not be verifiable or reproducible because it will be affected by many factors, such as how many times a model had to be prompted to produce a specific answer, whether the output was impacted by server issues, or if an author influenced the output through feedback features present in some AI tools.

Linking to AI output

AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and BingAI have features that generate links that allow users to share their conversations. These links may not be reliable, so authors may choose to use products like A.I. Archives, ShareGPT, or PermaCC to share persistent links. Find more information about generative AI tools available at MIT here: