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MIT Libraries Rewards and Recognition: Spot Awards

Spot Award Program

Mission Statement
The Spot Award Program is intended to acknowledge and demonstrate immediate and spontaneous appreciation for the contributions of individuals.


Form of Awards
The Spot Award will take two concurrent forms:


  1. a thank you note from colleague
  2. a chance to win 1 of 6 monthly awards or 1 of at least 2 year-end awards


Submission Process
A two-part, perforated thank you note will be made available to all MIT Libraries staff.  One part of the note will provide space for a library staff member to write a personalized thank you, which will serve as on-the-spot acknowledgement of an individual's contribution. The second part of the note, which will provide space to record the nominee's name, will serve as an entry blank for the monthly and/or year-end award drawing. After completing the thank you note, the staff member will sign it and forward it to Joanne Samuelson. Joanne will separate the entry blank and send the personalized thank you to the nominee and place the entry blank in the pool for the monthly drawing. No anonymous thank you's will be accepted.


Award Schedule
The Spot Award program went into effect on July 1, 2001. There is no set schedule for the distribution of Spot Awards, in the form of the personalized thank you note, as they are intended to be spontaneous. Staff are encouraged to complete a thank you note in a timely manner to recognize the efforts of others. Thank you notes received by Administrative Services by the last working day of the month will be entered into that month's drawing, to take place on the first working day of the following month (i.e, nominations received by July 31, 2001 will be entered into the July pool, the drawing for which will take place on August 1, 2001.)

Award Amounts
Awards, in the form of gift certificates, will total $50 per award. Gift certificates will be available in increments of $50.

Please note:

IRS regulations stipulate that employees may not receive cash gifts (gift cards) totaling over $100 in a calendar year.  Since our spot award gift cards are $50 each, this means that individuals who are lucky enough to have their name pulled from the monthly random drawing more than twice will not qualify to receive a gift card after the second award.  Don’t hold back your appreciation of these folks though! The current R&R committee has decided that awardees whose names are drawn for a third + time in a calendar year will be given the choice of merchandise for up to $50. from either the MIT coop or MIT Press.  Per usual awardees will work with Joanne Samuelson to select their award. 

Award Opportunities
All Libraries' staff, both regular and temporary (MIT Temps) will have access to the Spot Award program both in terms of demonstrating appreciation of others and receiving appreciation from others. A maximum of six awards will be presented as a result of each monthly drawing. An individual receiving multiple thank you's per month will be eligible for multiple entries in the monthly pool but will be eligible to win only one award in the that given month. In addition, a minimum of two awards will be presented at the annual Rewards & Recognition event. These awardees will be drawn from a pool comprised of those nominees submitted throughout the year who were not drawn from the monthly pool.


Selection Process
The monthly drawing for gift certificates will take place on the first working day of each month for the previous month's awards. Administrative Services staff will coordinate the drawing, which will be witnessed by a member of the Rewards & Recognition Selection Team.


Program Facilitation
Administrative Services staff will be responsible for the facilitation of the program including communication efforts, maintaining supplies of award notes and gift certificates, thank you distributions, maintenance of program web site, and serving as the Institute's R&R key contact.


Program Communication
Joanne will send a monthly e-mail to all-lib announcing the Spot Award recipients for that month. A web site, containing information about the Libraries' Rewards and Recognition Program, is accessible via the Staff Web. This site contains a link to information about the Institute's program as well.