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MIT Libraries Rewards and Recognition: Writing Successful Nominations

Tips for Writing Successful Nominations

  • Be clear and specific. Don't assume R&R members will understand a project or achievement and why it’s extraordinary. Was it a particularly complex project or process? How so? Did it involve working with multiple stakeholders? Was the person/group creating something (a service/process/product) that never existed before?
  • Say it like it is. Don’t worry about using clever language or keeping to this year’s theme. Feel free to use bulleted lists.
  • Use concrete examples. Anecdotes, quotations from colleagues or patrons, specific numbers or statistics about work done -- concrete details like these help strengthen your nomination.
  • Be personal. Don’t hesitate to include examples, unrelated to the nominee’s work duties, of their kindness, generosity, or other qualities that make a great colleague.
  • Consider a collaborative, group-written nomination. Round up a colleague or two and write one together -- it makes gathering ideas and writing the nomination easier. Please be sure to name everyone in the nominating group.
  • Be a champion for your colleagues. If you’ve got someone in mind who you think is deserving, don’t assume someone else will recognize them. Help us get representation across the Libraries staff. 


Need more help? Check out some sample nominations.

Ready to go? Nominate a colleague for an Infinite Mile award.

Questions? Contact the R+R Committee at