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R&R Committee

Rewards and Recognition Committee for 2024

  • Jacob Lewis, R&L (Co-Chair)
  • Jess Mallo, AS
  • Lara Day, R&L
  • Palak Patel, AS (Co-Chair)
  • Paxton LaJoie, R&L


Nominate for the Infinite Mile awards!

This year's nomination period is now closed.

Want to nominate someone, but not sure what to write? Check out some sample nominations, or see a list of tips for writing successful nominations.



Rewards & Recognition Program

We work with some great people in the MIT Libraries - the rewards and recognition programs are a way YOU can let your coworkers know what you really think of them!

On this site you can:

See also: The MIT Rewards & Recognition Program, including Institute-wide awards such as the MIT Excellence Awards.