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Selector's Toolkit: All Selector Meetings

resources for collection analysis

Spring 2020 All Selector Meeting - April 14, 2020

Detailed meeting notes


  • COVID collections update and Q/A
  • Approval plan through the end of this fiscal year
  • Slip and firm order selection through the end of this fiscal year (FY closes in Aleph at start of June)
    • Ebooks access-to-own
    • Ebooks via Gobi slip/firm order
    • Ebook publisher/platform collections
  • Discussion of the challenges and opportunities with this change

Winter All Selector Meeting - December 18, 2019


MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts and implications for selectors and acquisitions

  • Context setting (15-20 minutes)
    • How the Framework came about and relationship to the Open Access Task Force recommendations
    • Update about where we are with publisher negotiations under the Framework
    • Discussion of some questions that have been sent in advance

  • Small group discussions (20 minutes)
    • How could you imagine this Framework affecting or impacting your role or approaches to your work?

  • Groups report back to full group (15 minutes)

  • Discuss any questions that haven’t been addressed (10 minutes)

  • Next steps (5 minutes)

Fall All Selector Meeting - October 30, 2019


  • Introduction (5 min, Ellen)
    • Brief reminder of previous conversation (6/17/19 All Selector Meeting) and the resulting commitments made by A&A, DLS, and SCCS

  • Review New Documentation of Access Models (20 min, Adam)
    • Adam Shire has created new documentation describing the access models, and he will walk us through this document and answer questions.

  • Principles and Roles for Access Model Decisions (40 min total)
    • Group Process Introduction (5 min, Ellen or Kim)
      • We will divide into three groups, where each group will discuss three use cases to aid in generating principles for approaching access model decisions, and making suggestions about roles for decision making, including selector’s role.
      • One person should take notes on a laptop; this is instead of writing things on the glass boards or using flip chart paper, both of which would need to be transcribed.

    • Three Use Cases (each group considers and discusses all three cases)
      • Request to set up streaming access which would require a password shared via a Touchstone landing screen
      • Whether to set up access for a product that raises concerns about user data privacy
      • Whether to devote staff resources to build a totally new model or new variant with significant work involved

    • Questions for the Groups to Consider:
      • Who plays what role(s) in the decision making process? Who contributes what in the process? In particular, selectors should consider what the selector role should be; acquisitions should consider what their role should be; DLS should consider what their role should be.
      • What principles do you see emerging from the use cases that should be used to inform our decisions? Below are some principles drafted previously; use/edit them as they are helpful.
      • Draft Principles to work from:
        • Meeting community needs whenever possible
        • Following MIT policies, practices, and standards
        • Protecting user data privacy
        • Appropriately deploying staff and monetary resources
        • Embracing reasonable experimentation, and assessing experiments

    • Groups Report Back (10-15 min total, 3-5 min per group)
      • Kim will facilitate; Cindy Rosenthal will take notes