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Scan & Print: Printers

Instructions for making and paying for copies in the MIT Libraries

Printing Tips

Do print jobs expire?

Print jobs are purged from the queue after 24 hours. You can release your jobs by tapping your card to the card reader, or using mobile printing. If you have not released your jobs, you will have to print your document again.

Email a journal article or database citation

Bibliographic citations, e-journal articles, and electronic database records may be sent via email. In most electronic resources, there are icons to email or export records. Use the Help index of the resource that you are using for more information.


Printer Availability

MIT Only

MIT-only printers are all Athena printers. See locations below.


The MIT Libraries do not offer visitor printing. Visitor options include:

  • Scan to email or save to a USB device
  • Download to email
  • Visitors may also use CopyTech for printing needs

For Members of the MIT Community

Printing in the MIT Libraries is free for members of the MIT community

Printer locations

Each library has one MIT-only black & white Pharos printer. Hayden Library also has an MIT-only color printer. They are located at:

  • Barker - 5th floor, past west stairwell
  • Dewey - 1st floor, adjacent to the computer cluster
  • Lewis Music
  • Rotch - 1st floor, adjacent to the Athena cluster

All Pharos printers work on a print release system, allowing print jobs to be released from any Pharos printer on campus. You must have a Kerberos ID and an active MIT ID with RFID to be eligible for Pharos printing. You can print to an Pharos printer from any MIT Log-in computer.

Choose the printer named mitprint when submitting a print job from an MIT only computer to any of the black & white printers.

Choose the printer named mitprint-color when submitting a print job from an MIT only computer to the color printer.

Printing to Photocopiers

The MIT Libraries no longer offer photocopiers or printing to copiers

Printing from Mobile Device

MIT users can use MobilePrint to upload documents to the central Pharos printing queue and touchlessly release print jobs to Pharos printers. MobilePrint is available both on web and mobile devices (via responsive pages).

Printing from Wireless Laptop

MIT users can wirelessly print to one of the Pharos printers in the MIT Libraries. See Pharos Public Student Printing at MIT for details

Visitors (Non-MIT)

The MIT Libraries do not offer visitor printing. Visitor options include:

  • Scan to email or save to a USB device
  • Download to email
  • Visitors may also use CopyTech for printing needs

Instructions for Printing

Give documents a job name and password

Using a unique job name will allow you to identify your print jobs on the printer screen. You may select a job name or use the default option, which will use the name under which your document is saved. The file names of many documents are sometimes confusing--selecting a specific job name may be helpful.

If you forget the print job password

Unfortunately, you will have to send your print job to the print release station again. No one else can release your print jobs. It is a good idea to pick a password that you will remember easily.

Cost of printing documents

Printing is free for members of the MIT community.

You can print from a Library or personal computer with Pharos print installed. Use the print preview option to view the pages of your document. The print preview screen will provide you with a page count, and allow you to select which pages you would like to print.

Please see to see your printing balance or use mobile printing.

Print selected pages of a document

For web, MS Word or Excel documents: Select the "Print Preview" command from your web browser's file menu. Determine which pages you wish to print by viewing the entire document in the preview screen. For e-journals in which "Print Preview" is not active, view the thumbnail images to select pages.

From file menu, select "Print", and enter the number or range of pages you'd like to print in the "Page Range" section.

Verify the number of pages in the print queue at the Print Release Station prior to releasing your print job from the print queue.

Printers in the Libraries

Mobile printing requires knowledge of the printer name(s) in each library location. The printer names for each Library are:

  • Barker Library: barker-p
  • Dewey Library: (2 printers) varan and virus
  • Hayden Library: (2 printers) hayden-p and haydencolor-print
  • Lewis Music: lewis-p
  • Rotch Library: pietro-p

Please wait to release mobile print jobs until you are in the library. Staff recycle print jobs that are not retrieved soon after printing.