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Welcome to the MIT English Language Resources Guide! Here you will find English language learning support through the local libraries, the MIT community, local agencies and organizations, as well as a list of some educational online tools! 

Differences and Use of Acronyms on the Guide

ELL: English Language Learning

ESL: English as a Second Language

ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages

EFL: English as a Foreign Language


MIT strives to be inclusive of all English language speakers, regardless of fluency and level of the learner.  Thus, we have chosen to entitle this guide English Language Resources to serve anyone who desires to improve their English skills.  The term ESL can be exclusive to those English learners who may know more than one language, and isn't the best fit for everyone.  However, many websites on this guide still use the term ESL to refer to those learning English.  To remain consistent with the external websites' use of the different acronyms listed above, this guide reflects whichever term the website uses.

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