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The Library Staff Association (LSA) at MIT comprises all the staff of the MIT Libraries

Library Staff Association

The Library Staff Association is an educational/cultural/entertainment group with no current plans to acquire Disney. All employees of the Libraries are automatically members of LSA. Activities are planned by the LSA Committee, who send out the call for help with upcoming events. Funds for LSA activities come from the interest on an account established in 1967 by the officers of LSA at that time and can be used in (almost) any way the organization chooses.

Past activities sponsored by LSA include (from Feb. 1983 Library Notes "the slide-show presentation made by Jay Lucker on his trip to Japan, the summer pool-and-barbeque party, the presentation made by members of the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority on new development in and planing for Kendall Square, and the incredibly successful New Year's Eve Champagne Extravaganza-Hors D'Oeuvre-R-Rama."

Those were the days!

Currently LSA sponsors:

Additionally, LSA hosts the Language List, a means for staff to share their language skills.