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Student jobs at the MIT Libraries: Home

Learn about and apply for Libraries research jobs.

Why work at the MIT Libraries?

The MIT Libraries offer:

  • jobs in convenient locations across campus
  • a variety of work hours available to fit your needs, including:
    • summer & IAP hours as well as term hours
    • evening/weekend and daytime/weekday hours
  • a friendly work environment
  • the chance to learn to use library resources that will help with your coursework and research
  • opportunities to work independently or as part of a team

Employment information

The MIT Libraries have a variety of different student jobs available across campus.

Student workers generally work 5-10 hours per week and make $13.75-$17.25 per hour.

How do I apply?

  1. Complete the I-9 form.New paid employees and student workers (including Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants and hourly paid student employees), as well as those who need reverification, must complete the I-9 forms at the Atlas Service Center..
  2. Determine your availability:
    • When can you work?
    • How many hours do you want to work each week?
  3. Check Job openings to see who's hiring and apply

Am I eligible to work?

Are you an MIT student?

To work on campus, you must be registered or be eligible to register as an MIT student. Check the Student Financial Services (SFS) website for more details.

Not an MIT student?

Check out the Libraries' Job page for staff employment opportunities.

Circulation work

Student workers in circulation units (Barker, Dewey, Hayden, Lewis Music, and Rotch Libraries) may work at the service desk and/or in the stacks, and may help with opening or closing the library.

  • At the service desk, you'll check books and other library materials in and out, answer and refer questions from patrons, retrieve materials from behind the circulation desk (course reserves, hold requests, etc.), and work on clean-up projects.
  • In the stacks, you'll reshelve materials, shelf-read the collection, search for and retrieve books in the stacks, pick up items left in the stacks, and work on projects to ensure materials are accessible to patrons.

Attention to detail is essential in all positions. We normally set up the schedule for the entire term around Registration Day.

Clerical work

Student workers in Acquisitions, Archives, and Interlibrary Borrowing & Lending assist with ordering, receiving and stamping materials, processing orders, editing records, evaluating reports, general clerical work or other special projects.

Your work may include:

  • Filing, photocopying, and shredding.
  • Database work with ordering and/or receiving materials.
  • Managing spreadsheets.
  • Assisting in projects related to digital library collections.
  • Unpacking boxes and sorting materials.
  • Retrieval and shipping.

Attention to detail is essential in all positions.

Storage and project work

Student workers working on collections projects assist with sending materials to storage, withdrawing items from the collection, searching for materials, and other projects. You may work at the Library Storage Annex or at other library locations, depending on project needs.

You may:

  • Pull materials for storage from the library stacks.
  • Search for lost material.
  • Print and apply barcodes to items.
  • Add, update and verify records in the library catalog.
  • Tie and wrap damaged materials.
  • Pack materials into boxes, and unpacking boxes.
  • Move materials in the stacks.
  • Help the local library unit with shelving, pulling patron requests, and other daily tasks.

Attention to detail is essential in all positions.

Research Jobs

Student workers in Research Assistant positions will typically contribute to desk-research, data-collection, and qualitative analysis.  Research assistants work directly with the Principal Investigator for a given project, generally a grant funded, time bound project.

Particular responsibilities include:

  • directed reading of professional publications
  • literature reviews and desk research
  • testing or prototyping of software tools for research
  • data modeling and analysis
  • draft writing a research or white paper

Qualifications usually include:

  • Strong English language writing skills are required
  • Strong technical facility and conformability in various operating systems and platforms
  • Computer Science, Applied Math, Cognitive Science, Information Science, Social Science, Humanities, or Independent Concentration with Quantitative Focus concentrations are desired

Research Assistant positions are 10-20 hours a week and pay $20/hr.

Job openings

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Have questions?

Check out our Student Jobs FAQ.

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