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21L.010: Writing with Shakespeare: Find scholarly articles

Class guide for Diana Henderson's Writing with Shakespeare class

Find scholarly articles on Shakespeare

All of the article databases listed below contain scholarly articles on Shakespeare. However, each requires its own search strategy. Each also covers a slightly different set of journals, so while you will find a lot of overlap by searching all of them, you will also find content that's unique to each one.

Full-text online journal collections

Because the databases listed below can search the entire text of the articles they contain, you can be very specific in your searches and type multipe keywords if you wish. However, keep in mind they do not contain every article ever written about Shakespeare.

Scholarly articles - citations

The article databases listed below contain the most articles about Shakespeare, although since they do not contain the full-text, you will have to either click on a link to the journal article or look up the journal title in our online catalog. Likewise, they are searching descriptions of the articles, not the full-text of the articles, so err on the side of keeping your searches somewhat broader than you would in a full-text database.

Search Tips for MLA:

  • Click "Search"
  • Type the name Shakespeare into the search box and select "SA Primary Subject Author" from the drop-down menu.
  • Type the name of the play you're researching into the next book and select "SK Primary Subject Work" from the drop-down menu.
  • Type the theme or topic into the keyword box

Search Tips for World Shakespeare Bibliography:

  • Click "Search & Browse"
  • Type keywords into search box on the left, such as the name of the play and a topic (for example, othello and race)
  • For a chronology, you can sort the results by year.

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