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Social Science Data Services: Home

This is the Social Science Data Services site which provides/pulls together guidance on finding statistics and data in the social sciences.

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Social Science Data Services can help you to find, understand, and use data in the social sciences and related disciplines.

Learn about the steps of the data research process, questions to ask yourself when using and analyzing data, how to suggest a data purchase, as well as the resources available to you at MIT.

The four main sections of this guides are:

  • Home (this page): Learn about new resources, workshops, and classes related to using data.
  • Find data on any subject: Find data using general or interdisciplinary databases, tools, and web sites.
  • Find data in subject-specific resources: Find data using subject-specific databases, tools, and web sites.
  • How to use data: Learn how to use, understand, and cite data files and their asociated tools.


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Statistical software workshops

MIT affiliates can attend statistical software workshops at Harvard throughout the year.

Basic R Programming for Data Analysis (at MIT): Thursday, October 8th: 1pm-4pm (register)

Intro to Stata (at Harvard): Friday, October 9th: 9am-12pm (register)

Data Management in Stata (at Harvard): Friday, October 16th: 9am-12pm (register)

Regression and Graphing in Stata (at Harvard): Friday, October 23rd: 9am-12pm (register)

Intro to Python Programming (at MIT): Friday, November 13th: 9:30am-12:30pm (register)

Intermediate Python (at MIT): Friday, November 20th: 9:30am-12:30pm (register)

See materials from past workshops here.

Program Head, Data Management Services; Economics Librarian

Katherine McNeill

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