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Committee for the Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion: Handouts from Events

Handouts from past program

Accessible Presentations (Nov 6, 2017)

Presentation and associated checklist handout on accessibility best practices for presentations and instruction.

Slides with notes:

How to be a Trans* Ally * (June 2015)

Handouts from the June 2015 "How to be a Trans* Ally" sessions presented by Abigail Francis are posted on a wiki page that is restricted to all-lib:  Click the link to find info about the following

  • LGBTQI terminology
  • Transgender umbrella and Genderbread illustrations
  • miT: ten steps to being an ally for transgender people
  • Transgender Basics video
  • MIT gender-neutral restrooms

LBGTQ 101 Sessions (Oct 21 and Oct 22, 2014)

Director Search (July 2014)

Toolbox for Team Empowerment (May 2014)