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Digital Library Services: User Experience & Web Services (UXWS)

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Staff: See Staff Directory

Contact: UX/Web Services via Jira Service Management

Ask questions, send feedback, request updates to the public web site, or request adding new sites or areas of content. 

Please note: Jira Service Management is for staff use only. The public should use Ask Us, and questions will be routed to the web staff as appropriate.

About User Experience & Web Services (UX&WS)

Everyone wants our online tools and guides, library services, and spaces to be relevant and easy to use. The User Experience & Web Services (UXWS) program brings our knowledge of design, usability, and user research to provide a fresh and holistic perspective to improving the user experience.

User Experience & Web Services

See the UXWS wiki for more information about research and studies done by the UX group, as well as usability test results and past & present initiatives run by UXWS such as the Betas Program, UX Public Spaces, etc. UXWS leads the development and maintenance of our web and mobile interfaces. Also see: