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ArchivesSpace Users Group: Administrative Information

Request a Staff Account

MIT staff members who need to access the staff side of MIT ArchivesSpace can request an account for themselves or anyone they supervise, including student workers.

Please contact to request an account. New accounts will be created within 1-2 business days.

API Updates

The ArchivesSpace API enables generating reports of ArchivesSpace data and making batch updates. The Digital Library Services procedure for running updates on production data is detailed in the Communication for Production API Updates document.

Access the Development Site

A development instance of MIT ArchivesSpace is available for testing purposes. Data in the development instance has to be refreshed manually and therefore may not always match the most up-to-date data in the production instance. 

Hosting and Upgrades

MIT's instance of ArchivesSpace is hosted by Lyrasis. All upgrade requests are made directly to Lyrasis by the ArchivesSpace Users Group. 

MIT is currently on version 3.4.0