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Audio Lab Guides and Tutorials: Home

This guide provided detailed instructions on how to use the audio lab and it's resources.

Audio Lab General Information

The audio lab in the Lewis Music Library is full of professional equipment and software that can be very daunting to use.
This guide is designed to compile tutorials and information on how to use the equipment and the purpose of the equipment.

Below you'll find some quick start information to get you up and running, with more detailed information on the tabs above.

Getting Started

The iMac should be on, just sign in with your Kerberos account.

Note: The iMac doesn’t turn on any of the external equipment.

*Check that the speakers are in the off position before turning on the cabinet.*

Power switch is on the back of the right hand speaker, this controls the power to both.

Each cabinet’s power switch is on the top right and turns on the following equipment.

Workstation 1: Mixer, Speakers, and both Moog synthesizers.

Workstation 2: Mixer and Podcast Mic.


The theremin and turntable are *not* powered by the cabinet, they have their own power switches.

If using the theremin or synthesizers, let them warm for 10~ minutes before using them.

If the mixer doesn’t turn on when you turn the cabinet on, check the back right side for the power switch.


Adjusting Volume

The mixers have a few ways to hear sound.

Both have headphone jacks on the front. 

If using headphones, make sure that the “Phones” volume at the top center of the mixer is turned to 9 O’Clock.

If using the speakers on workstation 1, turn the “Monitor” volume to 9 O’Clock

There is a “DIM” button, make sure this is selected to help keep the volume controlled.

Bring the faders of the channel(s) you’re using up to “0”.

Check that the Master or Main volume on the bottom right of the mixer is brought up to around “-10”.


If you want to hear playback from a DAW you’re working with, the DAW sound return is routed through channels 17 and 18. 

Bring those faders up to “-5”.