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Music quick guide: Equipment: Home

About this guide

This is the guide to equipment of all kinds available in the Lewis Music Library.  The main music research guide covers general topics.  

On this page:

Available in the Audio Lab (MIT only)

The Audio Lab contains two editing stations with MIDI keyboards, digital mixers, and audio software, plus other equipment including electronic instruments.    Visit the Audio Lab page for more information, including a complete listing of available equipment and software.

Other equipment to use in the library

In addition to the Audio Lab, the following equipment is available for use in the Lewis Library.  Unless otherwise noted, visitors as well as MIT community members are welcomed to use these:

  • Compact disc players, turntables, cassette tape decks, VCRs, and DVD players.
  • Group viewing/listening room equipped with an Xbox 360, and VCR and DVD players.
  • Digital pianos.
  • Three iMacs (MIT Kerberos login required) with the following software:
Finale  Score notation
Sibelius  Score notation
MuseScore Score notation
Logic Pro  Audio recording / editing
Reaper  Audio recording / editing
Max (Cycling 74)

Visual programming language for music and multimedia


OMR software for music XML

Wavepad (available on Mac workstation with turntable and cassette tape player)

Digitize LPs or cassettes; audio recording/editing software


Equipment to check out

The items may be borrowed by MIT community members; visitors are welcomed to use these items in the library.

  • Audio recorder, Zoom H4n
  • Audio recorder, Zoom H4nPro
  • Video recorder camera, Zoom Q8
  • Video recorder camera, Zoom Q4N
  • Audio mixer: 2 mono/2 stereo channels, phantom power, Machie 402VLZ4  
  • Audio mixer: 5 mono/3 stereo channels, phantom power and digital effects, Machie Pro FXv2
  • Audio interface to computer, DSP, mixing and digital effects, Motu Ultralite mk4
  • Audio interface to computer, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Dynamic vocal microphone, Shure SM58 
  • Dynamic instrument microphone, Shure SM-57
  • Small diaphragm condenser microphone (two), Audio Technica AT4041
  • Small diaphragm condenser microphones (pair), AKG 451B
  •  Large diaphragm condenser microphones (pair), AKG C414
  • Multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser microphone, AKG C314
  • Lavalier condenser microphone (two), Shure MX100
  • Dual microphone bracket
  • Pop Filter (attaches to mic stand)
  • XLR microphone cables, various lengths
  • Audio cable - XLR to ¼”
  • Audio cable – ¼” to ¼”
  • Audio cable – ¼” to ¼”
  • Audio cable - RCA to 1/8”  stereo
  • Microphone stand – floor length
  • Microphone stand – table top
  • Tripod for video camera
  • Film to digital converter, Wolverine F2D Mighty digitizer
  • External DVD/CD drive for PC
  • External DVD/CD drive for Apple 
  • DVD player – region free, Panasonic S700P-K (for use ONLY with video monitors and TVs)
  • MIDI keyboard, CMC Xkey (25 keys, two octaves)
  • Xbox360 Game Controller
  • Xbox360 guitar controller
  • Leap Motion Sensor controller
  • Damper pedal for electronic keyboard, Roland DP-10
  • Music stands (folding)



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Avery Boddie

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