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Guide to help staff make their content accessible to all users

What is accessibility?

Accessibility is about making sure users with disabilities can still access all relevant content.

For example, if a user is visually impaired, they may not be able to see graphs well or at all, so we need to make sure there is a way they can still get the information they need from the graph.

If you have any questions about accessibility or anything in this guide, please contact Dhruti Bhagat-Conway.

Upcoming office hours & training sessions

  • How to make your presentation accessible on Tuesday, July 9 at 10 am (registration link forthcoming)
  • Accessibility office hours on Tuesday, July 23 at 11 am (registration required)
    • The first 10 minutes (11:05 - 11:15) will discuss tools and extensions I recommend using
    • The rest of the time is open for questions on any topic
  • How to use color responsibly on Wednesday, August 21 at 11 am (registration required)
  • Accessibility office hours on Wednesday, September 25 at 11 am (registration link and topic forthcoming)
    • The first 10 minutes (11:05 - 11:15) will be a presentation on a TBD topic
    • The rest of the time is open for questions on any topic
  • Writing for the Web with Stephanie Hartman on Tuesday, October 8 at 11 am (registration link forthcoming)

Resources for making presentations accessible