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Maps: Print Maps at MIT

A guide to library research tools for maps, mapping and Geographic Information Systems.

Finding Maps

Finding Maps in our collection

  • From the All Items dropdown menu, select maps
  • Search by place name and limit change the Resource Type to 'maps' on the left side of the results
  • Other terms to try:
         map collections, maps and mapping, maps, early, cartography
  • Maps are often included as plates in books. After searching our collection click on the name of the book and look in the Details section to see if it includes maps.
  • For atlases, use a combined keyword search: subject [place name] and keyword [atlas*]
  • Print maps can be found in several of our library locations (Dewey, Rotch, Hayden). If you need assistance with finding print maps in our libraries, please contact and someone will be in touch with you shortly. If we do not have access to a print map you need, you can suggest a purchase. 

Finding Maps in Geoweb

  • Search MIT's geodata repository for both GIS data and map records.
  • Click on "Paper Map" in the left sidebar to limit your search results to maps in the libraries.
  • Click on "Scanned Map" to view and download historic maps from Harvard.

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