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Collections: Directorate Meetings

Fall Collections Directorate Meeting - October 31, 2019

11:05-11:55 am

Research & Learning (R&L) Coming Attractions (30 min) 

Information Delivery & Library Access (ID&LA) (Felicity Walsh)

Liaisons, Instruction, and Reference Services (LIRS)  (Karrie Peterson)

Data and Specialized Services (DSS) (Daniel Sheehan)

Digital Library Services (DLS) Goals, Projects, and Hiring (Heather Yager; presentation and Q&A) (20 min)

Scheduled, but there was not enough time. The slides are here. For questions, please ask Heather directly.

All the slides and a recording of the meeting are available on OneDrive: RemoteFiles/R: Drive --> Collections Directorate Meetings --> FY2020. The "Notes" button in the lower right corner of the DSS and ID&LA slideshows will toggle the speaker notes on or off.

Winter Collections Directorate Meeting - December 6, 2018

11:00 am-12:00 pm

Welcome (Kim Maxwell)

Emilie Hardman Interviews Greg Eow

Lightning Talks

Metadata Knowledge Series (Rhonda Kauffman)

Model language for data privacy (Katie Zimmerman)

Web Archiving (Joe Carano)

SciELO is an example of the major innovations in open access, electronic publishing, and digital libraries that have long since taken root in Latin and South America. At the conference marking the 20th anniversary of this innovative organization, members reflected on the triggers for its creation, the lessons learned, opportunities and challenges facing SciELO in the future, as well as some very well deserved celebration! (Laura Hanscom)

IP Address Updating Project (Sally Richter & Martina Anderson)

Document Pillow (Jana Dambrogio & Ayako Letizia)

The meeting was followed by a Bring-Your-Own Lunch / Social Hour

The Welcome slideshow is available on OneDrive: RemoteFiles/R: Drive --> Collections Directorate Meetings --> FY2019. The "Notes" button in the lower right corner will toggle the speaker notes on or off.

Winter Collections Directorate Meeting - January 28, 2016

10:00 am-12:00 pm

Thoughts & Updates from the AD (Greg Eow)

Questions/Discussion Session (Greg Eow & CDL)

Although there is no homework for this meeting, please note that there will be a group exercise that you might begin to think about in advance. During the second half of the meeting, we will participate in a group exercise to collectively identify the areas where we might establish working groups and/or standing committees in the Collections Directorate. For this exercise, we will: divide into groups of no more than 7 members, and have each group brainstorm an answer to the following question: “Identify the area(s) where you need to work with colleagues from other departments but where there currently is no mechanism for fostering this information sharing and collaboration.”  The idea behind the exercise is for all of us to brainstorm the creation of a working group/committee structure that will help us be successful in our work. 

Proposed Working Groups/Committees Discussion/Exercise