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Performance Management and Salary Review: Extended performance review process

Extended performance review process

For abbreviated performance review, please refer to this checklist.


Institute policy states that the annual performance review is an important component of the performance management process. The objectives of the performance review discussion are to make sure that supervisors and employees share a clear definition of the job, an understanding of performance expectations for the position, and an assessment of the employee's performance for the past review cycle.  It not only provides a means of documenting a common understanding of responsibilities and expectations, but it is also a useful tool in setting and reviewing goals, documenting achievements and identifying strategies for the employee’s growth and development.  The performance review process informs the annual salary review process.

The performance review form is a required component of the process and documents the employee’s performance since the last formal review and provides a record of expectations for work going forward. 

The final, official copy of the performance review form, signed by both the employee and supervisor, should be routed to the department head and associate director, and finally to Administrative Services for retention. It is also suggested that supervisors and employees keep a copy of the review.


Performance Review Form

There is one form for use by both employee (for self-assessment) and the supervisor for both support and administrative staff.  The form is to be used for the new employee (6 month) review as well.

For regular annual performance review:  Employee and supervisor complete designated sections prior to the scheduled performance discussion (see “Role” sections below).  The draft may be edited as a result of the discussion.

For new employee (6 month) review:  Employee and supervisor complete appropriate sections prior to the scheduled performance discussion.  Some sections, e.g. “Job Changes”, “Review of FlexPlace Arrangement”, will likely not be applicable and may be skipped. 

For waived performance review:  While the annual performance review is an Institute requirement, circumstances occasionally may arise which prevent the review from taking place during the normal review period. Supervisors should consult the Libraries’ HR Administrator for suggestions on how to proceed in these cases.


Role of the Supervisor

After the HR Administrator announces the beginning of the review period, the supervisor should:

  • schedule a date for the performance discussion
  • establish a due date for completion and receipt of the employee’s self-assessment (which is now incorporated into this single form)

The supervisor seeks input as appropriate from service recipients, other collaborative partners or those who oversee the work of a split position. These may be individuals suggested by the employee and/or others whom the supervisor believes can provide valuable input.

The supervisor uses the form that has been submitted by the employee and completes the “Supervisor” boxes under each section. The supervisor gives the employee the first draft of the form in advance of the scheduled performance discussion.

If needed, the supervisor updates the Performance Review form based on the performance discussion.  The supervisor will then sign the form, obtain the employee’s signature and make a copy for the employee.  The original copy is routed on to the department head and associate director for review and then forwarded  to Administrative Services where it is retained as the official copy of record.


Role of the Employee

The performance review process is a joint process.  Employees should use the Libraries’ Performance Review Form to complete a self-assessment, providing input in the “Employee” box under each section. 

The employee e-mails the completed form to the supervisor by the agreed upon due date.

The supervisor will work with the employee to schedule a due date for the self-assessment and a time for the performance discussion.  

After the review discussion, the review form is updated if appropriate and the employee signs the final copy. 

Note:  The employee’s signature is confirmation that the performance discussion has occurred and that they have seen the final performance review form which will be placed in the personnel file.  It does not indicate agreement with the supervisor’s assessment. If an employee disagrees with particular issues raised in the performance review, they may write a letter or statement to that effect and request that it be included in their file.