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Performance Management and Salary Review: Abbreviated performance review process

Performance review process

For extended performance review process, please refer to this page.

Process for Performance Reviews for Staff

  1. Managers should set timelines for completing their reviews with their staff, including deadlines for receiving colleague feedback, receiving employee’s input to the review, and scheduling performance discussions.
  2. Employee provides the names of 3-5 colleagues for colleague feedback to their managers.  If employee is a manager, all of their direct reports should be given the opportunity to provide feedback.
  3. Managers reach out to colleagues with Colleague Feedback form, setting deadline by which they need the feedback submitted.
  4. Employee completes Performance Review form (all sections) and submits to their manager.
  5. Manager completes Performance Review form, incorporating colleague feedback in the section entitled “Job Assessment and Overall Performance.”
  6. Employee and manager meet to discuss review and goals, revise as needed and sign review.
  7. Managers provide signed reviews to DH/ADs for review and signature.
  8. ADs submit their reviews to HR.

Process for Annual Salary Review

  1. After reviews are submitted, HR provides ADs with performance rankings histories for each directorate.
  2. ADs work with DHs to assign performance rankings and premium dollars by directorate.
  3. Rankings and premiums are reviewed in AD group prior to final submission.
  4. Notifications go out in late June, with salary changes taking effect July 1st.