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Office of the Director: Email Lists

MIT Libraries email distribution lists

Some of the most frequently used Libraries mailing lists are here. Email the Director's Office to request additions, deletions, and modifications to this directory.

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Email Lists

3bar-cat Beth Brennan, siers Barton upgrade cataloging testers.
ace-help ace-help For Libraries’ staff to ask questions of ACE, meaning Acquisitions and Cataloging Experts
access-lib access-lib Works on library access questions.
adlib adlib List for library Administrative Assistants
admininfo-lib adminserv-lib


adminserv-lib adminserv-lib List for all staff of Administrative Services department.
adminsub-lib adminsub-lib Administrative Staff of Administrative Services department.
all-desk all-desk-request List for all staff who work at all service points.
all-hayden-lib all-hayden-lib All Hayden Library staff.
all-lib directory-lib Libraries staff list for all staff.
all-tech-lib all-tech-lib-request Staff from the Digital Library Services (DLS) directorate and Technology Systems & Support Services (TS3)
annex-staff Melissa Feiden, feiden Library Storage Annex Staff
ask-aah ask-aah Referral list for Ask-Us staff for Arts, Architecture & Humanities questions.
ask-bioinfo Courtney Crummett, crummett Email list for MIT community members to request accounts for our licensed bioinformatics software tools.
ask-central ask-central Ask Us staff list- Does not create a ticket. Useful for communicating updates, known outages, etc., to Ask Us staff.
ask-mgmt ask-mgmt Referral list for Ask-Us staff for Business & Management-related questions.
ask-sci-eng ask-sci-eng Referral list for Ask-Us staff for Science and Engineering.
ask-socsci ask-socsci Referral list for Ask-Us staff for Social Sciences questions.
backup-lib backup-lib  
barker-circ idla-leads Barker circulation staff
barker-desk barker-desk-request Barker service desk staff
barker-lib esl-lib-request Residents of Barker Engineering Library
barker-ref barker-ref List of staff who provide reference service at Barker Library desk.
barker-res barker-res-request Barker Library Reserves team
barker-students barker-students-request Barker Library student worker list
blog-lib blog-lib  
borrowing-lib ds-admin Interlibrary Borrowing staff (for Libraries staff use only)
budgetfeedback-lib budgetfeedback-lib  
cat-holds cat-holds List for circulation notices to CAT patron.
circ-rt idla-leads Ask-Us! Circulation Inquiries RT Queue
circsearch circsearch-request Libraries Circulation Search - search for missing books or Patron Claim Return (PCR).
circstaff-lib circsupervisor-lib  
circsupervisor-lib idla-leads  
cite-write-tools Christine Malinowski, cmalin List for requests to Citation Management & Writing Tools (CMWT) Team
citrix-lib Nina Davis-Millis, ninadm  
cmwt-lib Christine Malinowski, cmalin Internal list for members of Citation Management & Writing Tools (CMWT) Team
copiers-lib copiers-lib-admin Correspond address for queue Libraries: Copiers on
copiers-lib-admins copiers-lib-admins  
copiers-lib-comment tooltime Comment address for queue Libraries: Copiers on
copyright-lib copyright-lib List of library staff who answer copyright questions.
csg-lib csg-lib-request Libraries Computer Support Group: includes all LTEs and LTCS, plus guests: Head of STS, Doc Services Digital Imaging Supervisor, and Barton System Librarian.
csu-lib   Collections Support Unit
datamain Beth Brennan, siers Database Maintenance staff

Howard Silver, hsilver

Research Data Management Team
destaff-lib destaff-lib-request Distance Education Group Staff
dew-circ dew-circ-request Dewey Library Circulation staff
dew-lib dew-lib Librarians located in Dewey Library.
dewey-desk dewey-desk-request Dewey Library desk staff
dewey-res dewey-res Dewey Library Reserves team
dewey-students dewey-students-request Dewey Library student workers
dewtalk dewtalk Residents of Dewey Library.
digital-lib Beverly Turner, bturner Libraries Digital Operations Team
dir-lib diroff-lib Libraries' Director's Office List
dirc-lib dirc-lib For library staff involved in the ongoing oversight of the Digital Instructional Resource Center.
director-lib diroff-lib Sends to Interim Co-Directors Steve Gass and Diane Geraci (2013)
directory-lib directory-lib List for communicating changes to library directories.
diroff-lib diroff-lib Libraries' Director's Office Admin
dle-lib dle-lib-request List for all staff in the Digital Library Engineering (DLE) department
dls-lib dls-lib-request List for all staff in the Digital Library Services (DLS) directorate
docs ds-admin Order Inquiries RT Queue List
dot-lib   Department of Transportation requests.
ds-admin ds-admin Document Services Admin List
ds-staff ds-admin Document Services staff
eaps-lib eaps-lib Replaces lindgren-lib list for EAPS support.
econtrol econtrol For discussion of issues around authorizing users of Libraries' e-resources - now forwarding to Ask Us for user problems with access.
energy-lib energy-lib Energy and environment selector list.
environgroup environgroup defunct
erm-lib erm-lib Libraries' electronic resource management task force
eselect eselect-request Monograph Acquisitions staff - GOBI selections and questions
fix-lib fix-lib-request Libraries folk who fix technology stuff.
gifts-lib gifts-lib MIT Libraries Gifts Office Staff List
gishelp gishelp-request Geographic Information Systems team
hayden-circ hayden-circ-request Hayden Circulation staff
hayden-desk hayden-desk-request Hayden Library desk staff including Circulation Staff and Reference Librarians
hayden-lib hayden-lib Hayden Library staff list
hayden-res hayden-res-request Hayden Library Reserves team
hayden-students hayden-students-request Hayden Library student workers
haydenthree-lib haydenthree-lib For staff on the 3rd floor offices in Hayden.
hours-lib diroff-lib Hours approval for Libraries
iap-lib iap-lib  
idla-approvers idla-approvers-request IDLA Student Worker Time Approvers
idla-leads idla-leads MIT Libraries InfoDel and Lib Access leaders
idla-lib idla-lib Information Delivery and Library Access
idla-students idla-leads All student workers plus some staff for all Libraries
ilb-lib ds-admin Interlibrary Borrowing RT Queue List
incident-lib incident-lib List used by Libraries to share info regarding thefts, illegal and/or problem behavior in library spaces
instruct-lib instruct-lib  
ipad-lib ipad-lib iPad users in the MIT Libraries
ir-lib irl-lib Information Resources Directorate
irl-lib irl-lib Information Resources Leadership Group
irs-lib Howard Silver, hsilver Instruction and Reference Services
itcore-lib itcore-lib-request  
itcore-lib-request itcore-lib-request  
ldlc-ah ldlc-lt MIT Libraries - Arts & Humanities Community of Practice
ldlc-lib ldlc-lt Liaisons for Departments, Labs and Centers
ldlc-se ldlc-lt Science and Engineering Community of Practice in MIT Libraries
ldlc-ssm ldlc-lt MIT Libraries Liaisons to DLCs in Social Sciences and Management
ldlc-lt ldlc-lt Liaisons for Departments, Labs and Centers Leadership Team
lib-md-strike lib-md-strike  
lib-monitor lib-monitor List for people who create slide shows for monitors in the libraries.
lib-ops lib-ops Service operations team (SOT)
lib_domain_admin lib_domain_admin Container administration acl for Machines/Libraries
lib_domain_admin_public lib_domain_admin Libraries Domain Public Container Administrators
libadvisors-lib libadvisors-lib Mailing list for the librarian advisors for freshmen.
libarchv dbadmin Reserved username
libguides libguides  
libpubinfo libpubinfo For publishers who want to send information to the Libraries.
libraries-developers   List for communication with the MIT Libraries developers / software engineers in the SDA (Software Development & Analysis) group, and those who regularly interact with them.
libtech-net libtech-net DITR help list for MIT Libraries
lic-lib lic-lib-request Library Council
license-lib license-lib  
lirs lirs-admin Liaison, Instruction, and Reference Services
lirs-ah lirs-ah Arts and Humanities CoP
lirs-se lirs-se Science and Engineering CoP
lirs-ssm lirs-ssm Social Sciences and Management CoP
lirs-tlt Barbara Williams LIRS Teaching and Learning Response Team
lsa-forms-lib Melissa Feiden, feiden Library Storage Annex request form email group.
mac-lib mac-lib Group for Mac users in the MIT Libraries
maihaugen-lib maihaugen-lib MIT Libraries Exhibit Committee
mapshelp mapshelp-request Group of people who answer questions about maps across libraries.
marcit marcit MARCit Basket project
marketing-lib marketing-lib Marketing Team
mbc-lib mbc-lib Materials Budget Council
monoacq monoacq-request Monograph Acquisitions staff – questions and non-GOBI orders
music-desk music-desk-request Music Library desk staff including Circulation staff and Reference Librarians
music-res music-res-request Music Library Reserves team
muslib-request muslib-request  
nasa-reports-lib nasa-reports-lib For requesting NASA reports from library staff.
oasubmission oasubmission For all staff who work on submissions under the MIT Faculty open access policy to DSpace.
orientation-lib orientation-lib  
payroll-lib payroll-lib List of Libraries payroll staff. Use for payroll-related questions/communications.
preservation-team preservation-team Preservation and Conservation Services staff
Pplsupervisors-lib hr-lib All staff who manage other staff
prof-lib directory-lib Includes all Administrative (professional) library staff.
pubget-lib pubget-lib  
 resstaff-lib idla-leads All Reserves staff from the Libraries
ris-lib rislt-lib MIT Libraries Research & Instructional Services Directorate
rislt-lib ris-admin defunct
rotch-all rotch-all All Rotch staff
rotch-circ rotch-circ-request Rotch Library Circulation staff
rotch-desk rotch-desk-request Rotch Library desk staff including Circulation Staff and Reference Librarians
rotch-ref rotch-ref Support list for Limited Access at Rotch
rotch-res rotch-res-request Rotch Library Reserves team
rotch-students rotch-students-request Rotch Library student workers
rpg-lib resstaff-lib Reserves Planning Group
rr-lib rr-lib MIT libraries rewards and recognition
rt-help-lib rt-help-lib To help library staff with use of RT
rt-lib rt-lib Request Tracker Users in Libraries
rvc-all rvc-all Staff who work with the Rotch Visual Collection.
rwgroup-lib rwgroup-lib Admin for rwgroup-lib
scholarlypub scholarlypub For all questions regarding copyright, scholarly publishing, licensing and related areas
scs-all scs-lt Specialized Content and Services staff
scs-lt scs-lt Specialized Content and Services Leadership Team
snarc-lib snarc-lib-request  
socialmedia-lib socialmedia-lib MIT Libs list used for social media accounts such as Flickr, Twitter, etc.
socialmedia-lib2 socialmedia-lib2  
space-contacts-lib space-contacts-lib  
spotlight-lib spotlight-lib  
stata-lib stata-lib  
stoar stoar Support team for open access requirements, includes MIT Faculty Open Access Policy and White House Directive requirements, and any other open access requiresments.;
students-lib cir-lib MIT Libraries list of all current student employees
subspec-lib diroff-lib MIT Libraries Subject Specialists
techhelp-lib techhelp-lib Referral group for technical help from users.
techpurchases-lib techpurchases-lib For discussion of technology purchases in the MIT Libaries.
tleg-lib tleg-lib Thesis Load Error Group (for troubleshooting failed e-thesis loads into DSpace).
toc-lib toc-lib Table of Contents service contact list.
toct-lib toct-lib Technical Operations Coordination team
travel-lib travel-lib of Administrative Services staff who process travel requests and respond to queries.
tpie-lib tpie-lib-request List for all staff in the Technology, Planning, Integration,& Experience (TPIE) department
ts3-lib ts3-lib-request List for all staff in the Technology Systems & Support Services (TS3) department
ubix-lib ubix-lib OCLC loader team
underlib mailman list List for subscribers to share informal communications.
Unionstaff-lib lib-hr Unionized library staff
ux-lib ux-lib User Experience & Web Services team (Note: If you have edits for the web site, contact UX/Web Services instead.)
uxet-lib uxet-lib User Experience Emerging Technology
vc-lib vc-lib-request MIT Libraries Visiting Committee
voip-lib voip-lib VoIP in the Libraries
warehouse-account-lib warehouse-account-lib For Data Warehouse library data requests
warehouse-lib sys-lib Users of Library data in the Data Warehouse
warehouse-lib-admin warehouse-lib-admin List for managing problems with Libraries data in the Data Warehouse