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Office of the Director: Digital Instruction Resource Center & Electronic Classrooms

Digital Instruction Resource Center & Electronic Classrooms

The Digital Instruction Resource Center ("DIRC", 14N-132), Can be scheduled Through Outlook or iCal.  Please see the scheduling instructions and room use guidelines on the DIRC Wiki.

IS&T maintains two "electronic classrooms", with Athena workstations, video screens, and projectors. Room 1-115 has 22 Athena workstations  (plus one instructor's workstation), and room 14-0637 has 17 workstations.

        The electronic classrooms can be reserved through the Registrar's Office using normal classroom reservation procedures.

There are hours on the E53-220 schedule that are listed variously as "Dewey Library Hours" or "Dewey Library Priority Hours". These hours are currently filled by Dewey Library workshops and are not available for general scheduling.