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Administrative Services Policies: ProCard Policy

ProCard Policy

Effective 01/01/2019, the Libraries enacted a new policy for issuing the MIT Procard to employees. In order to own and use an MIT Procard, one must meet one of the following three requirements:

  1. A job title as Administrative Assistant, Financial Assistant, or Communications Assistant.
  2. A job in which the duties of the role require regular purchases be made; for example, purchasing gas for Libraries’ vehicles.
  3. Individual approval from one’s Associate Director that the ownership and use of the Procard is appropriate for the work to be performed.

As is currently the case, all employees using the MIT Procard must ensure that they are following MIT policy in the use of the card, with the goal of meeting MIT standards and best practices and reducing risk for the organization. Please remember that MIT has provided on-demand, video training for use of the Procard, should you require a refresher. Also, please feel free to discuss the impact of this policy with your manager and AD if you feel that your work would significantly benefit from the ownership of an MIT Procard.