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Communication & Collaboration Resources: Internal announcements & email list guidelines


The information below was taken from the Internal Communications Working Group report from June 2016. 

Use of library email lists

All-lib guidelines

This list should be used for official announcements that should be seen by the whole staff. Uses include:

  • Announcements of new committees
  • Calls for volunteers
  • Staff changes (hiring, leaving, promotions, transitions)
  • IT or IS&T-related updates, including when resources may be down
  • Staff position vacancy announcements
  • Policy/procedural changes
  • Campus/Cambridge announcements
  • All Staff meeting agendas and recordings
  • Library closings
  • Staff events (brown bags, presentations)

Best practices:

  • Do not reply-all to all-lib emails
  • Subject line conventions
    • Please make the topic clear by including keywords at the beginning of the subject line. Examples:
      • Service down: Springer Ebooks
      • New Staff: Madeline Wrable
      • Call for Volunteers: Furry First Friday on 4/1
    • If you are forwarding an email to all-lib with a subject line that is unclear, please edit it first

Additional email list guidelines

  • Underlib -- (opt in, with option for daily digest) -- This list should be used for sharing optional information of potential interest, whether intellectual or recreational, to Libraries staff.
  • Prof-lib -- This list goes to administrative staff only. Use if the information is of no possible interest or relevance to support staff.


Library department updates

Content guidelines

Do include:

  • New projects
  • Policy/procedure changes
  • Project status
  • Committee updates
  • Include selectively:
    • New cross-departmental collaborations
    • New collaborations outside the Libraries

Do not include: 

  • Staff speaking engagements or presentations
  • Individual conference attendance
  • Participation in skills training
  • Staff comings and goings
  • Visitor tours
  • Routine internal meetings (e.g., new staff orientation)
  • Ongoing instruction and normal reference/consultation activity
  • Normal collections additions

Best practice:

  • Whenever possible, summarize and link to full text elsewhere (website or wiki)

Technical Support

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