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Instruction Toolkit: Instruction Spaces


Libraries Instruction Spaces

Location Seating Technology Booking Other Features

Digital Instruction Resource Center (DIRC)


DIRC policies

DIRC Service Level Agreement 

20 seats at computers

additional seats at desks and around back table

20 computers

screen/projector at front of room with central AV control & in-room computer


Bookable resource in Outlook (LIB: 14N-132 DIRC)

Primary use: instruction with computers

Large table in back


Card access for Libraries staff only

Barker Active Learning Classroom (BALC)


BALC policies

40 chairs, 8 tables (all moveable) 4 wall-mounted monitors with HDMI connection (no central AV control) Bookable resource in Outlook (LIB: Room 10-604)

Primary use: group & hands-on activities, discussion

Rolling whiteboards

GIS & Data Lab


GIS & Data Lab policies

16 seats at computers

additional 18 rolling chairs & several small tables in other areas of the space

16 high-performance computers

4 monitors suspended from ceiling (1 at each computer table) with central AV control

Email GIS & Data Lab staff

Primary use: instruction with specialized/resource-intensive software

2 small, rolling whiteboards in other areas of the space

Card access for all MIT affiliates



Nexus policies

Nexus usage instructions

Nexus Service Level Agreement

50 with the Skyfold door closed (either lecture style or with tables)

96 standing, with the Skyfold door closed

screen/projector at front and side of room with central AV control & in-room computer


assistive devices for hearing impaired

Complete a request form

Email with questions.

Primary use: community events; instruction with laptops, lecture, discussion, hands-on activities

Offers flexible seating and enhanced A/V capabilities.

Outlets in floor and walls for laptop users

Tables, chairs, and mobile whiteboards stored on site.

Do you need a different type of room? Learn how to book an MIT classroom.

Questions about Libraries' instruction spaces? Contact the Teaching Spaces Oversight Committee.

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