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Architecture and Art: History, Theory, & Criticism: Domus Magazine Map Guide

Guide to resources for the HTC and AKPIA programs

About Domus map guides

These are thematic guides to important architectural landmarks in selected locations issued between 1986 and 2000. They may feature the work of an architect, a style, a building type, or sites of architectural interest in a city or region and give snapshot maps of a landmark's location within a larger context and often provide building footprints of the surrounding neighborhood.

Note: Domus is shelved with the bound periodicals on the 7th floor of Barker Library, temporarily. The map guides were discontinued in 2000.


Guide Title Location Month Year
Twentieth century urban models January 2000
Modern architecture in Innsbruck Austria February 2000
Levi Montalcini in Turin Turin (Italy) March 2000
Norman Foster in Great Britain Great Britain April 2000
Cereghini in Lecco Lecco (Italy) May 2000
Morandi in Italy Italy June 2000
Map guides discontinued July/Aug 2000
Filling stations in Northern Italy Northern Italy January 1999
Arcosanti Arizona February 1999
Mendelsohn in Israel Israel March 1999
Gehry in L. A. Los Angeles April 1999
Metanapoli and SNAM Italy May 1999
Art Deco in Miami Beach Miami Beach June 1999
Burle Marx in Rio de Janiero Rio de Janiero (Brazil) July/August 1999
Lechner and Lajta in Budapest Budapest (Hungary) September 1999
Griffini in Milan Milan (Italy) October 1999
Berlin's Outer Circle Berlin (Germany) November 1999
Stirling in Great Britain Great Britain December 1999
Fantastic cities in cinema January 1998
Pizzigoni in Bergamo Bergamo (Italy) February 1998
Piers in Great Britain Great Britain March 1998
Dupuis in Belgium Belgium April 1998
Karoly Kos in Budapest and Transylvania Budapest and Transylvania May 1998
Rossi in Northern Italy Northern Italy June 1998
Van Eyck in Holland Holland (Netherlands) July/August 1998
Mangiarotti (Angelo) in Milan Milan (Italy) September 1998
Robin Boyd in Melbourne Melbourne (Australia) October 1998
Arne Korsmo in Oslo Oslo (Norway) November 1998
Jesuit monasteries in Paraguay Paraguay January 1997
Dominioni (Caccia) in Milan Milan February 1997
Victor Bourgeois in Brussels Brussels March 1997
Porto (Modernist) April 1997
Paris of Ledoux Paris May 1997
Prague (Cubist architecture) Prague June 1997
Perret in Paris Paris July/August 1997
Coderch in Barcelona Barcelona September 1997
BBPR in Milan Milan October 1997
Richardson in Boston and vicinity Boston November 1997
Lighthouses on the U. S. Atlantic Coast U.S. Atlantic Coast December 1997
Valadier in Rome Rome January 1996
Kuramata in Tokyo Tokyo February 1996
Bruce Goff March 1996
Barragan in Mexico City Mexico City April 1996
Valle d'Aosta (modernism, 1945-70) Italy May 1996
Aalto in Helsinki Helsinki June 1996
Jujol in Catalonia Catalonia July/August 1996
Sullivan in Chicago Chicago September 1996
Siza in Portugal Portugal October 1996
Programmatic architecture in L. A. Los Angeles November 1996
Phillip Johnson in New York New York December 1996
Elsaesser in Frankfurt Frankfurt January 1995
Portoluppi in Milan Milan February 1995
Ireland, megalithic structures Ireland March 1995
Buenos Aires, Moderne Buenos Aires April 1995
Gaudi in Barcelona Barcelona May 1995
Wright in Oak Park and River Forest Illinois June 1995
Pouillon (Fernand) in Provence (1946-60) Provence (France) July/August 1995
Minoletti (Giulio) in Milan (1930s to 60s) Milan September 1995
Hoffmann in Vienna Vienna October 1995
Bruno Taut in Berlin Berlin November 1995
Wurster in California California December 1995
Muller in Berlin Berlin January 1994
Keck and Keck in Illinois Illinois February 1994
Brussells Brussells March 1994
Art Deco in Italy (Rome, Milan, Trieste) Italy (Rome, Milan, Trieste) April 1994
Moscow (Art Nouveau) Moscow May 1994
Fritz Schumacher in Hamburg Hamburg June 1994
Earth buildings in Morocco Morocco July/August 1994
Fuchs in Brno Brno (Czech Republic) September 1994
Gutierrez Soto in Madrid Madrid October 1994
Stockholm Stockholm November 1994
Nervi in Rome Rome December 1994
Behrens in Berlin Berlin January 1993
Schindler in L. A. Los Angeles February 1993
Military sites, 1928-39 March 1993
Rome (shops) Rome April 1993
Le Corbusier and Kahn in India & Bangladesh India and Bangladesh May 1993
Francesco di Giorgio Martini (15th C.) June 1993
Tessenow & Hellerau (various German cities) Germany July/August 1993
Zurich (Art Deco) Zurich September 1993
Paris (arcades) Paris October 1993
Gamberini (Italo in Florence (1930s - 80s) Florences November 1993
Berlage in Amsterdam Amsterdam December 1993
Moretti (Luigi) in Rome (1930s - 60s) Rome January 1992
Tuna fishing facilities in Sicily (16th-18th c.) Sicily February 1992
Bustillo in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires March 1992
Wright in California California April 1992
Barcelona (public parks of the 1980s) Barcelona May 1992
Cosenza (Luigi) in Naples (1930s - 50s) Naples June 1992
Rino Tami & the Autostrada through the Ticino Italy July/August 1992
Lingeri in Milano (1920s to 40s) Milan September 1992
Lewerentz in Sweden Sweden October 1992
Calabi (Danieli) in Padova (1930s to 60s) Padova November 1992
Rosetti in Ferrara (13th c. addition to the city) Ferrara December 1992
Public art in Manhattan New York January 1991
Horta in Brussels Brussels February 1991
Louis Kahn in Philadelphia Philadelphia March 1991
Gardella in Milan (1930s to 80s) Milan April 1991
Genova (architecture since 1945) Genova May 1991
Rino Levi in Sao Paulo (1930s to 60s) Sao Paulo June 1991
Albini in Milan (1930s to 70s) Milan July/August 1991
De Renzi (Mario) in Rome (1920s to 50s) Rome September 1991
Neutra in L. A. Los Angeles October 1991
Sert in Barcelona Barcelona November 1991
Florence (architecture since 1945) Florence December 1991
Oud in Holland Holland January 1990
Olivetti in Ivrea Ivrea (Italy) February 1990
Loos in Vienna (1900-20s) Vienna March 1990
Pollach (Leopold) in Pavia (late 18th c.) Pavia April 1990
Zaninovich (George) in Trieste (1900-10s) Trieste May 1990
Garnier in Lyon Lyon June 1990
Daneri (Luigi Carlo) in Genova (1930s - 60s) Genova July/August 1990
Barabino (Carlo) in Genova (late 18th-early 19th c.) Genova September 1990
New museums in Frankfurt Frankfurt October 1990
Bottoni in Milan (1920s to 60s) Milan November 1990
Aalto/Marsio and Nordic Classicism Scandinavia December 1990
Sanmicheli in Verona Verona January 1989
Nordio (Umberto) in Trieste (1920s to 60s) Trieste February 1989
Mollino in Turin (1930s to 70s) Turin March 1989
Rading (Adolf) in Breslau Breslau April 1989
Zholtovski in Moscow (Stalinist era) Moscow May 1989
Prouve in Paris Paris June 1989
Macintosh in Glasgow Glasgow July/August 1989
Ponti in Milan (1920s to 60s) Milan September 1989
Novotny in Prague (early 20th c.) Pragure October 1989
Giulio Romano in Mantova Mantova November 1989
Case Study Houses, L. A. Los Angeles December 1989
Friuli region (industrial archaeology) Italy January 1988
Wiesner in Brno (1920s - 30s) Brno (Czech Republic) February 1988
Michelucci in Florence (1930s - 60s) Florence March 1988
Vaccaro (Giuseppe) in Bologne (1920s - 70s) Bologna April 1988
Venice (smaller buildiings) Venice May 1988
Figini and Pollini in Milan (1930s - 70s) Milan June 1988
Plecnik in Ljublana (1920s to 50s) Ljublana (Slovenia) July/August 1988
Reggio Emilia (rural sites) Italy September 1988
Libera in Rome Rome October 1988
Antonelli (Alessandro) in Novara (19th c.) Novara (Italy) November 1988
Rietveld in Holland Holland December 1988
Basile in Palermo (1890s to 1920s) Palermo January 1987
Dudok in Hilversum Hilversum (Netherlands) February 1987
Naples (catacombs) Naples March 1987
Berlage in the Hague The Hague April 1987
Sauvage in Paris Paris May 1987
Juvarra in Turin Turin June 1987
IBA in Berlin Berlin July/August 1987
Milan (shops) Milan September 1987
LeCorbusier in Paris missing Paris October 1987
Asnago/Vender in Milan Milan November 1987
Vilar (Antonio) in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires December 1987
Terragni in Como Como March 1986
Fuga (Ferdinando) in Naples (18th C.) Naples April 1986
Melnikov in Moscow Moscow May 1986
Muzio (Giovanni) in Milan Milan June 1986
Mies in Berlin Berlin July/August 1986
Albert Kahn in Detroit Detroit September (missing) 1986
Muthesius in Berlin Berlin October 1986
Vicenza (countryside) Italy November 1986
Scarpa in Venice Venice December 1986