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Corporate Reports & SEC Filings at MIT: Annual reports to shareholders

Annual reports, Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filings (including 10Ks), and other sources of financial and textual information on public companies.

Types of reports

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Annual reports to shareholders ("glossy" annual reports)

Annual Reports (also known as Annual Reports to Shareholders, or "Glossy" Annual Reports) are sent to shareholders each year and contain descriptive and financial information about the state of the company. While the financial information in annual reports is audited, the narrative portions are not.

1830s-1990s US & non-US Annual Reports Collection (paper reports) paper off-campus storage
(some go back to mid 1800s)
US, Canada, Europe Mergent Historical Annual Reports online  
1968-1991 (incomplete) US & non-US Disclosure Microfiche fiche Microforms Room in Dewey
1991-1998 US SEC-File fiche Microforms Room in Dewey
1990-1996 US & non-US LaserD/International CD-ROM Computer Workstation at Dewey
1991-1996 US & non-US LaserD CD-ROM Computer Workstation at Dewey
1992-1998 non-US Moody's International Annual Reports CD-ROM Computer Workstation at Dewey
1994-1999 non-US Disclosure Select International Annual Reports CD-ROM Computer Workstation at Dewey
1995-1998 US & non-US Moody's Global Annual Reports CD-ROM Computer Workstation at Dewey
1995-1999 US & non-US Disclosure Select Top Companies CD-ROM Computer Workstation at Dewey
1990s-present US & non-US

Thomson One
Mergent Online



Access to some annual reports products, including CD-ROM products, is available to current MIT users and others with library borrowing privileges, including Privilege Card holders, BLC members, and other select special user categories. Access to certain online and print reports is available only to current MIT community members. Please refer to the Sources page for more information on accessing a particular source.

See Library Services for Outside Users for more information about obtaining borrowing privileges.