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SpringShare tools documentation for library staff: Updating your LibGuides profile

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Your profile

UX and Web Services typically adds custom HTML to obtain the look in the example below. If you don't yet have a photo you can create a temporary profile box on a guide that can be reused on multiple guides (otherwise, the default profile will show a grey shadow outline instead of a profile - not good). Contact UX/Web Services if you need any help.

If your default profile box title doesn't display properly on a guide, click the pencil icon in the box title on that specific guide, and delete all of the text in the Box Name (in this example "subject guide") and click save. If you do want to have a profile title that is different from the default title, you can put that text in the box name instead of leaving it blank,a nd it will update for this instance only.

Add a temporary profile box

If you don't have a photo for your profile box, you can create a temporary box on a guide without the photo but with all of the pertinent information that would be helpful to a user. Add the box in the upper section of the right column.

Create a new box but select standard, not profile. Use your position title as the title of the box.
Add the other content as displayed below. 

You can display this information on other guides by using the existing box option when you create the box on another guide. Link to the first temporary profile box you created so that any changes to the information only needs to be edited on the first box.

When your profile box with photo is ready, UXWS staff will alert you and you can replace the temp box with the official profile box.

Select add new box in the right column and choose profile.
Leave the title blank. Save.

Your profile box will be added. You can change the title but don't change anything else. Contact UX/Web Services if you need help.
Delete all of the temp boxes from your guides. You can view a list of all guides that have have the temp profile box. 

Click the mapped icon on the first profile temp box. 


Add multiple profile boxes to one guide

If your guide has multiple experts and you want all their profile boxes to display, you can add multiple profile boxes to a guide. The owner of the guide will always default to show as the profile box at the top of the column. To add more profile boxes, follow these steps:

  • In the right-hand column, click on Add box - Column 2
  • In the Type drop-down menu choose Profile and in the Position drop down choose where you want the box to show in the column order
  • Click Save. That will create a duplicate profile box for the owner of the guide. There's a gear icon in the top part of the profile box. Click on that and choose the person's name of the other profile you want to display.