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SpringShare tools documentation for library staff: LibWizard

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LibWizard is a tools for creating forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials. Login here: LibWizard

Should I use a form or a survey?

Surveys can have multiple pages and are better suited for more complex data collection, forms are limited to a single page. Surveys also have more complex multiple choice format options (grid, ranking, image choice).

SpringShare's LibWizard documentation

MIT-specific training/guidelines

  • Due to our data privacy policy, you MUST follow procedures to ensure that patron data is scrubbed/removed after it is no longer actively needed - see LibWizard Data Privacy.
  • When you are creating a new form, test all the settings of your form (ensure required fields and conditional field rules are working, etc), then have someone unfamiliar with your form test it - they are more likely to notice anything that is confusing, or isn't working as expected. 
  • Do not customize the general look/feel or color scheme.

Form permissions

When you create a new form or survey, the default permissions setting allows anyone with a LibWizard account to view the form/survey and its submissions. To change this go to Settings > Permissions and change the View Permissions drop-down from All Users to Admin Level Users.

You can also add individual editors to forms/surveys in Settings > Permissions using the Edit Permissions drop-down. Add users individually by name.

LibWizard Data Privacy

Note: As of Jan/Feb 2021, for data privacy purposes, LibWizard patron data (name, email, phone, IP address, and any fields designated for data scrubbing in individual forms) will be scrubbed after 4 months (other submission details will be retained).

In order for the data scrubbing to work, you MUST:

1. For name, email, and phone fields, use the designated fields under "Submitter" - do NOT use a regular text input field:
Screenshot of where to find submitter fields to use

2. For other fields that will request personally identifiable information (PII), such as MIT ID, or names/emails of others who are not the "submitter" you will need to designate those fields for scrubbing - under Form Options, then Advanced, click on Configure Privacy Scrub.

Screenshot of where to find configuration button

This will bring you to a screen where you can designate which fields will be scrubbed after 4 months:

Screenshot of custom fields to be selected for scrubbing

In the above case, regular text input fields had been used for name and email, so we designated those for scrubbing here.

3. It is strongly recommended that you delete all responses after the data is no longer actively needed. For forms/surveys that have ongoing use, set up a regular review on your calendar (at least every 4-6 months) to manually delete older entries. 

It is also strongly recommended you turn off the data collection of IP addresses, referrers, and browsers. To do this, go to the tab above "Advanced," and select "Reporting."

The Reporting tab is highlighted, just above the Advanced tab. The Reporting tab is the second to last tab.

There, you can uncheck each box, so the form does not collect that information.

The Reporting tab is open, with an arrow pointing to three checked options: Collect IP; Collect referrer; Collect browser.


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